Gangsters Buy Flowers

Maxime Hilaire

Fall 2021

The Gangsters Buy Flowers (GBF) brand is a unique of blend of music, sport and fashion references. The early collection highlighted the brand across printed tees, embroidered jackets and graphic accessories. But as GBF gained propularity, Max expressed interest in creating a single icon that represented the nuiances of the brand.

The core elements of the GBF brand were flower motifs and strong black letter typography. In many instances the graphic elements were seperated across the brand. The logo became the opportunity to blend the existing elements into a single form. To create the design I located a gothic letter “G” and deconstructed the counter-form to create a stem for a simplified flower motif. Coincidentally the letters “G”, “B” and “F” appear subtly the longer you look at the design. Along with the primary logo, I also created a secondary “stroke” treatment.


The original concept was intended for smaller digital applications (social media and eCommerce pages), but Max saw the potential in the design and quickly started applying it directly to the apparel pieces. The logo found a home on sweaters, jackets and on the company signature trucker hat.